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Paul Farris is both a professional photographer and tutor of photography courses and practical workshops designed for DSLR users in the Brisbane area.

26 Oct 2009

Where to buy camera gear . . .

I get asked a lot about cameras and equipment so I thought I would let everyone know where I get all my gear from....

Photo Continental in Mount Gravatt (Brisbane) is one of Australia's largest photography and imaging stores and is my recommendation for service and for the best range of equipment on offer.

24 Oct 2009


So this week I decided that my website needed a face-lift. So I've been spending my spare few evening hours tweaking the design and layout, testing the links and deciding what images to include. It's not been an easy task and more than a few glasses of wine have been consumed along the way but I'm pleased to say it's now up and running!

I decided on a simple, clean layout and that (in terms of images at least) less is more! So I have included a few of my favourite images alongside some of my newer work which I'm really proud of.

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Hope you like it.